How To Expand Your Reach and Credibility with Social Media

Expanding your REACH and CREDIBILITY

with social media.


to Twitter, Facebook, and Blogging.

This is a 3 week series starting

September 16th

at 11:00 am to 12:00 pm PST.


Price: $99

This LIVE webinar will be every Wednesday in September.


Space is Limited so Act Now.

This complete step-by-step tutorial

will help you grow your online presence.

Here is an overview of what you will learn

September 16th TWITTER

Tactics and Techniques that will take your business to the next level

  • How to get Tweeps to endorse you and your business.
  • How to get Tweeps to retweet your links.
  • How to create an AWESOME BIO that gets retweeted over and over.
  • How to identify your specific target audience and get them to follow you.
  • How to start a conversation and engage.
  • Key automation tools that will help systematize your time on Twitter.
  • How to invite your Twitter followers to subscribe to your BLOG and become your FANS on Facebook.
  • Why initiating the follow is critical to your growth on Twitter.
  • The biggest mistakes that people make on Twitter that results in people UN-FOLLOWING them FAST.
  • An ACTION plan for the next step.
  • ….and much much more. There will also be time for questions and answers.

September 23rdFACEBOOK

How to grow your Friend and Fan base

  • How to find your specific target audience and invite them to Friend/Fan you.
  • How to integrate Facebook and Twitter for effective communication.
  • How not to annoy your Facebook friends with Twitter updates. (This is a serious problem.)
  • Posting updates to your Friends and Fans and getting them to make comments.
  • Real examples and stories of people who are using Facebook to gain massive exposure for their business.
  • Learn how to maximize your Facebook presence with your FAN page, Groups, and PROFILE.
  • Why you should have a FAN page for your business. How to set one up if you don’t already have one.
  • Why you should not be promoting your business on your profile.
  • What type of topics to post on Facebook that get the most comments.
  • How to upload videos, photos, and links to Facebook.
  • Where to find great content to upload on Facebook.
  • An ACTION plan for the next step.
  • …and much much more. There will also be time for questions and answers.

September 30th BLOGGING

An in-depth understanding of why blogging is the HUB of your Social Media activities

  • A comprehensive overview of blogging.
  • A series of questions to ask yourself before you start blogging.
  • How to choose the right blogging software for your website.
  • Best practices in blogging that get your blog noticed.
  • Why you should integrate vlogging (videos blogs) into your blogs.
  • How and why to link your blog to Twitter and Facebook.
  • Why links and keywords are critical to writing a successful blog.
  • Why the 4 C’s of blogging; content, comments, controversy, and consistentency matter in the blogosphere.
  • Examples of successful small businesses who are using blogging to grow their business.
  • How to get subscribers/readers to your blog.
  • An ACTION plan for getting started in blogging.
  • ….and much much more. There will also be time for questions and answers.

NOTE: There will be an action plan each week to help guide you step-by-step. This webinar series is for small business owners who are just getting started with Social Media and feel overwhelmed with it.

Who should attend?

  • Small Business Owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Start-ups
  • Non-profits
  • Coaches
  • Consultants
  • Marketers
  • Salespeople
  • Work-at-home-moms/dads

Check out what people are saying about Hware’s Webinars

Vanessa Smith, Wellness Coach & Intuitive“This was a fantastic webinar. It was fascinating to see the history of technology and how powerful of a tool social media is. Brenda made it so clear and compelling that having a social media strategy in place is essential in making your business thrive. Many of the free offerings found online are fluff, with not a lot of valuable content. This was something different – it was the appetizer and main course. I wonder what’s for dessert!  Thank you Hware!”

Lisa Schrader, CEO Awakening Shakti“The Hware social media webinar blew my socks off! A top notch production with extremely valuable content that immediately had a positive impact on my business.”

Gena Livings, Online Personal Health and Fitness Coach“Hware’s webinar on social media was a complete eye opener! The presentation was jam packed with valuable information for the small business owner. Brenda Horton delivered a powerful message on the importance of nurturing, building, and cultivating relationships through social media.”

Christine Elisabeth von Malsen Hueber, Social Networking Strategist “I loved all the tips & techniques for Social Media success you shared in your webinar … your specific examples of Twitter strategies & how to optimize SEO aspects were extremely valuable and very easy to implement.  I recommend your webinar for those just getting their feet wet as well as more advanced “Power Users.”  I was impressed by how much the chat interactions within the webinar were so beneficial to everyone.”

Sonika Tinker, Relationship Expert“The information about the evolution of social networking and specific internet marketing strategies was enlightening. I left the call with specific actions to take to increase my visibility and went to work that day to implement what I learned. I can’t wait to learn more strategies! For anyone who is new to social networks, or wants to increase their proficiency at social networking, do NOT miss this webinar! I only wish I had taken it 6 months ago!!”

About Hware

Brenda and Chuck Horton are founders and partners of Hware, a software company that develops online business planning tools for small business owners. Chuck has over 28 years of technology expertise and 32 years of business expertise. He is a serial and social entrepreneur. As a consultant in Silicon Valley, he has helped hundreds of clients from corporations to small businesses become highly profitable enterprises. Brenda has owned three businesses and has vast expertise in marketing and networking. She had her first successful internet business in 1997. She is a social media Power User, speaker, and small business blogger. Together, they help entrepreneurs, small business owners, and start-ups design business models around the LIFE they envision. Whether its a marketing plan, a business plan, a strategic plan or a social media plan, Hware has the expertise, tools, and knowledge to help you take your business to a higher level.

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