Thank you for registering for Hware’s Webinar!

VERY IMPORTANT: Please check your e-mail and look for the “Welcome: Confirm your email address” message.
Open it up and click on the link at the bottom to confirm your e-mail address.

10 Minutes before the webinar begins go to the below link and sign in.

NOTE: You must have high speed internet to participate in this webinar and the following:

  • Supported Platforms. Our Webinar gets along with Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • To attend our Webinar you simply need a modern web browser. We’ve tested Firefox 1.5, IE 6 & Safari 2 and greater (does not work with Google Chrome).
  • Adobe Flash Player Version 10 is also required. (Most browsers already have Flash installed.) Click on this link to install Flash if you need it.
  • Click to test your system to ensure it works great with our Webinar Platform Dimdim.

Thanks again! Have a great day! 😛

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