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Hi, I am Brenda Horton of Hware and congratulations for taking an ACTION STEP towards growing your business online.

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Navigating through the online world can be overwhelming and frustrating. And with technology changing so quickly and constantly, it can be a bit scary and nerve wracking.

It is my passion to help, support, and empower small business owners.  That is why I have been teaching online marketing strategies for a few years now. You see, I used to be a lot like you — confused and intimidated by technology. Here’s my story….

I used to be a Top Producing Real Estate Agent. Before that, I owned two businesses (one, which was an internet-based business.) In 2008, I began looking for ways to expand my Real Estate practice by leveraging the power of internet marketing. That’s when I stumbled upon online marketing. I first got hooked on Twitter, and then Facebook, which ultimately led me to other cool sites, people, and platforms.  Fast-forward to today, I am now a business partner with my husband, Chuck. We own Hware, LLC., an online business training and software company.

In my early days of online marketing, I made a lot of mistakes online and my learning curve was GINORMOUS! Looking back, I wish I had a mentor or teacher who I could ask questions and share my online marketing experiences of what was working and what was not working. It would have been great to learn and share from others who I knew were going through the same thing. That’s one of the main reasons I started Online Biz Strategies…I understand what many of you are going through because I have been there!

So, thanks again for joining me, (Hware)!  I look forward to meeting you offline or online someday soon!

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