Webinar: How To Turn Your Knowledge Into A Consulting Business


A webinar for knowledge-based experts who want to learn how to monetize their expertise

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How To Turn Your Knowledge Into A Business

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In this webinar you will learn:

The 10 most important questions to ask yourself before you start a business.

Many people with an idea for a business take action without truly understanding the costs associated with having a business. Not just monetary costs. There’s the cost of time, resources, human capital, and opportunity costs. I will share with you the 10 most critical questions to ask yourself before you waste anymore time, money, or resources on your idea.

How to align your vision with your values.

When you align your vision with your values, your ability to make decisions become easier. Being a business owner will require you to make decisions (oftentimes, tough decisions) on a daily basis. Owning a business is not for the faint-hearted. It will require you to take bold decision-making steps.

How to put a plan of action in place for a profitable business.

Too many wantrepreneurs take action on a business idea without taking time to put a high-level plan in place. You wouldn’t build a house without a blueprint, right? Or, you wouldn’t take a long road trip across the country without a GPS system or map, right? Yet, so many action-takers make the mistake of starting a business without having any clear navigational direction of where they are going.

About Your Trainer: Brenda Tello Horton

Brenda Tello Horton

Brenda is the president of Hware LLC., a business management consulting firm and the co-founder of ProPlanr, a planning and collaboration task management software system for teams. 

She began her professional business career as an award winning Dale Carnegie sales trainer in San Francisco California.

She sold her first business, an e-commerce site, in the late 90s.  She’s been a top producing real estate agent and has won numerous awards in sales and customer service in the hospitality, restaurant, airline, office product, and real estate industry. 

Since 2010 Brenda has been the founding organizer of two highly successful business Meetup groups in northern California. During that time, she has supported hundreds of small businesses by bringing invaluable resources and business experts to her local business community. 

She is also a community organizer and has fundraised and crowdfunded over 450K for various social, startup and environmental causes since 2005. 

Brenda has a B.S. in the College of Communications from the University of Texas at Austin.

Happy clients are sharing the love!

The first time I heard Brenda Horton speak, I knew I was in the presence of a very knowledgeable and dynamic leader. She was facilitating a workshop on Internet marketing and she left an indelible impression on me. Fast-forward to today. My vision is clear, my direction is focused and I am enjoying my business like never before. I am on a trajectory for continued growth with full confidence! I soon took full advantage of the opportunity to hire her as my business coach. Working one-on-one with Brenda has helped me get to the heart of my business matters. She showed me how to narrow down my focus so that I could identify my ideal client, which by the way, she even referred an ideal client to me. I have been able to implement new programs and systems that have empowered me to be more consistent and efficient. I am no longer all over the map. Thank you Brenda, for helping me “unclog” my path to success! Janai Carlson

Owner, Peace Of Mind Moving Managers

Brenda’s webinars and Biz Ignitor Courses are amazing! The course helped me integrate a clear plan with my business, develop a better organization routine, and she shared many insightful strategies to help me and my business succeed. I highly recommend working with Brenda. She is approachable, intelligent, articulate, and has years of knowledge to share and inspire you! Whitney Triplett

Business Owner , Grass Valley Yoga

I was referred to Brenda by a successful local small business woman who was being coached by her. I needed help getting my message out when I was crowdfunding for The Urban Homesteader. Before meeting Brenda, I was off track and not hitting my target goals. A couple of sessions with Brenda and BAM! She helped me re-prioritize on the critical path of items that made a huge difference in my campaign. She even introduced me to a PR professional who helped us get national press coverage. Brenda knows how to look inside your business and focus on the things that matter. Jeannine Glista

Executive Producer, The Urban Homesteader

Brenda is the kind of coach that inspires you to work and live with authenticity and honesty. She’s not only interested in helping you think and dream big, she actually has a powerful method for helping you achieve your goals and vision. My favorite saying from her is, ‘ask for what you want and go for it.’ She has a deep understanding of how to integrate your work with your life so that it is in alignment with your values. Her business coaching approach is holistic in the sense that she shows you how to work and live with modern technologies and avoid burn out. I am the president of a nation wide company and Brenda is the coach I call on when I need to hit the pause button and take a look inside. Donna Abreu

Marketing Consultant

I was an attendee at one of Brenda’s business workshops and I got so much value out of it that I decided to take her 4 week online Biz Ignitor Course. I came away feeling that I got much more than my money’s worth.
Brenda has a very approachable style of teaching and can translate often difficult topics into easily digestible pieces for her students to really understand. I am impressed by the broad knowledge Brenda possesses and how comfortable she makes her students. It is not easy to learn new material, especially when it comes to business planning, but I found the step by step strategies to be just what I needed.
To anyone considering working with Brenda I give you my wholehearted approval and encouragement to bask in her teachings, sooner, rather than later.
Laura Reinkens

Professional Organizer

Early bird ticket price: $25.00

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