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Brenda Horton is a business strategist and coach for the conscious business woman.

Tired of working hard for mediocre results? Overwhelmed? Can’t seem to focus?

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Hello Sunshine: I am Brenda Horton

Brenda Tello Horton

My Mantra: How can I empower you?

Here’s how I do it.

Sometimes it requires asking you a lot of questions. I dig deep. Together we uncover your strengths, gifts, and super powers. Through this process you become stronger, clearer, and more conscious. It’s from this place that you become a powerful creator of your work and life. In essence, I help you step into your powerful and magical self so that you can bring it to your business and life.

I did not grow up in an entrepreneurial environment or with any type of business influence whatsoever. As a matter of fact, I had never met a business person till after I had graduated from college.

Everything I have learned about business has been 100% from the school of curiosity, asking more questions, experimentation, and a healthy dose of business bloopers and blunders.

Yep, I am a student of life and I love teaching and sharing what I learn with the intention that it will somehow lead you to your own answers in business and life.

I am one of “those” people who has always followed her bliss. And my bliss has always lived in the exciting and sometimes challenging world of business.

From landing my first professional sales job in San Francisco to selling my first Internet-based business (an e-commerce site) to becoming a top producing real estate agent, (I love small business owners), to co-founding a software startup company, I am fascinated with all things related to entrepreneurship.

I often tell my students there’s no better and faster way to learn what you are made of than owning your business. It’s true. There’s not much else that will test your resolve and commitment than building a business.

I am also passionate about the intersection of business and philanthropy. As of this writing, I have fundraised, crowdfunded, and donated over 400K to various charities and social causes. I believe that business and social good go hand-in-hand.

Years ago, I built a straw bale house on 28 acres and lived in it for ten years. I shared my home with the local community where I hosted fundraisers for children in need of permanent families and workshops on sustainability. My home also became a regional model for eco-friendly home building techniques. It gave me great pride and satisfaction to open my home to thousands of people who were interested in learning more about treading lightly on planet Earth.

When we build profitable businesses, we then have the opportunity and freedom to share our prosperity with social causes that help create a world that works for all.

Whether it be improving the health of the environment, or saving endangered species, or helping women and children escape from sex slave trafficking, giving back to humanity is one of the many reasons why I love helping women entrepreneurs build profitable businesses.

I believe this journey we call life is a gift and every day we get to decide how we show up in the world. Much of life is about choices.

Sometimes we are faced with having to make hard decisions in our business and life. Making the tough call is what separates the amateurs from the professionals or the girls from the women. And oftentimes, we have to put on our “big girl pants” and show up like a boss even when we may feel lost because understanding and managing our emotions is one of the first steps towards building a successful business.

If there is one thing I’ve learned in life and business is that it is okay to fall, but you gotta get back up each time you fall. And every time you get back up, you become a little stronger and wiser — and one day you realize that you’ve stepped into your full power of greatness — fully alive and on fire!

Oh, my other mantra: Life is short. Live, work, and play with intention.

Client Reviews

Joyful Women

Before I started working with Brenda as my business coach, I had an outdated business plan and had stalled in direction and motivation with my business.

Valerie GouldingFast-forward to today. My vision is clear, my direction is focused and I am enjoying my business like never before. I am on a trajectory for continued growth with full confidence!

If you want results, work with Brenda. She’s the full business coaching package, from marketing and strategy to mindset and leadership all bundled up with a lot of life wisdom!

Her commitment to excellence is unwavering. Her professionalism is impeccable. And — personally, she’s a combination of fun, dynamic and infectiously motivational.

— Valerie Goulding, Vital Living

I was referred to Brenda by a successful local small business woman who was being coached by her. I needed help getting my message out when I was crowdfunding for The Urban Homesteader. Jeannine Glista

Before meeting Brenda, I was off track and not hitting my target goals. A couple of sessions with Brenda and BAM!

She helped me re-prioritize on the critical path of items that made a huge difference in my campaign. She even introduced me to a PR professional who helped us get national press coverage.

Brenda knows how to look inside your business and focus on the things that matter.

— Jeannine Glista, Executive Producer The Urban Homesteader

The first time I heard Brenda Horton speak, I knew I was in the presence of a very knowledgeable and dynamic leader. She was facilitating a workshop on Internet marketing and she left an indelible impression on me.
Jani Carlson
Fast-forward to today. My vision is clear, my direction is focused and I am enjoying my business like never before. I am on a trajectory for continued growth with full confidence!

I soon took full advantage of the opportunity to hire her as my business coach. Working one-on-one with Brenda has helped me get to the heart of my business matters. She showed me how to narrow down my focus so that I could identify my ideal client, which by the way, she even referred an ideal client to me.

I have been able to implement new programs and systems that have empowered me to be more consistent and efficient. I am no longer all over the map. Thank you Brenda, for helping me “unclog” my path to success!

— Janai Carlson, Peace Of Mind Moving Managers

I’ve been coached by Brenda Horton for the past year and my confidence, inner strength, relationship skills, and business growth has sky rocketed!
Donna Abrue
She has helped me tremendously in tightening up my business processes, including my service offerings, work flow, time management, and sales funnels. Thank you Brenda!

— Donna Abreu, The Digital Diva

Brenda is the kind of coach that inspires you to work and live with authenticity and honesty.
Laura Beavers
She’s not only interested in helping you think and dream big, she actually has a powerful method for helping you achieve your goals and vision. My favorite saying from her is, ‘ask for what you want and go for it.’ She has a deep understanding of how to integrate your work with your life so that it is in alignment with your values. Her business coaching approach is holistic in the sense that shows you how to work and live with modern technologies and avoid burn out. I am the president of a nation wide company and Brenda is the coach I call on when I need to hit the pause button and take a look inside.

— Laura Beavers, President of Water Heaters Only

I have used Brenda’s business coaching several times in the last few years to help me save $ in my business and also figure out more revenue streams.
Susan Gouveia
She is inspiring, empowering & has a great sense of humor! Her business savvy & knowledge is vast. She is flexible, fair & super helpful. I highly recommend her for speaking engagements, personal & group business coaching sessions!

— Susan Gouveia, Founder of Society of Garden Goddess, Co-founder of Corporate Kids Events, Co-founder of VIP Babysitting Services, Founder of Susan Faulkner International Jewelry Design

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