Social Media STRATEGIES for Beginners

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Social Media Strategies For Beginners

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As promised, here are the MindMap Action Plans for Twitter and Facebook from the webinar.

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Here are some of the Social Media Questions and Answers from the webinar Chats


Q. How many followers does Brenda have?

A. 10,228 and growing as 9/9/2009

Q.What is a lot of followers?

A. 2,500 or more

Q.Do you need to tweet daily?

A. Ideally 5 days a week for 5-10 minutes 3 times a day.

Q.What’s your opinion of autofollow?

A. I auto follow because I am interested in hearing what people have to say. My opinion is that the auto follow tool saves a lot of time.

Q. How do u decide who to un-follow?

A. Spammers, rude, negative, or antagonistic people. I also un-follow people who don’t follow me back within 30 days. There are some great automation tools that let me do that.

Q.Can you tell us how to auto follow on Twitter?

A. Anwsers:  Christine Elisabeth von Malsen Hueber : use socialoomph software – @cehueber if you have questions. Ttweetlater is now socialoomph.

Q.How do you handle having personal and professional content?

A. First, let’s start with WHY I am using Social Media. As I mentioned, it is different for everyone. I use SM for BUSINESS. My personal life is not on the internet. However, I may post things that seem personal, like an event I attended, or a dinner party, or a family gathering, but the strategy is to let my followers, fans, etc. get a glimpse of who I am as person. So, while it may appear to be a private occasion, I have chosen to make it public by the mere fact that I have posted it on the internet. Moreover, people have the misconception that some things are private on the internet. Please understand that if you don’t want anyone to know something about your private life, then please don’t even put it in a confidential e-mail because it can be traced. Everything that you upload on the internet is ARCHIVED and can be FOUND, even private messages. I realize that people think there is a PRIVATE aspect to  Social Media, but the two words together are an oxymoron. Social Media by its mere definition is PUBLIC. Moreover, each social networking site has its own culture. For example, LinkedIn is much for formal than Twitter, therefore, the sites are going to dictate how one should behave based on “best practices” for that specific site.

Christine Elisabeth von Malsen Hueber : I think of SM as all public – like publishing in the newspaper & that’s what I present.

jolinda kohl : i also keep it professional on linked in and on another site im on called which is where my target market is

Q. Brenda, TELL US HOW YOU GOT ALMOST 10,000 FOLLOWERS! How cutting edge cool.

1. Provide useful content to my target audience and the content gets re-tweeted on the followers screen and their followers start following me.

2. I also use  various automation tools to initiate following my target audience.

3. Engaged in dialog with others on Twitter.

4. I also re-tweet other people’s content if I find it beneficial to my Followers.

Q.What is a good example of using photo and logo together?

A. Kial James of at



Q. Can you invite folks to join your fan page that are NOT members of Facebook?

A. No, to become a fan you need to have an account with Facebook. A non member can go to your Facebook fan page and read its content but can not comment.

Q. I really want Tweetdeck to update to my FB fan page–any way to make that happen?

A. No, Tweetdeck will update your Facebook profile status but not a fan page. You can go to and suggest they add that feature.

Q. Is it best to have a group or a fan page for facebook?

A. Again, it depends on what your strategy is. Typically Fan Pages are for brands and companies, etc.  Groups for special interests. I will be going over this in our upcoming webinar series on Expanding your Reach with Social Media.

Q. How do you start a Fan page?

A. 1. Sign up for Facebook account. 2. Go to


Q. I am not getting any sound, what do I do?

  1. Make sure your sound is not muted
  2. Turn up speaker volume
  3. External Speakers
    1. Make sure speakers’ power is plugged in
    2. Make sure the speakers are turned on
    3. Make sure speakers’ cable is plugged in to the speakers/headset  port  and not the mic port
    4. Turn on the volume on the external speakers

Social Media

Q. How do u convince clients to the power of SocMed?So many are apprehensive about taking more of their time to do updates and postings.

A. The best way to convince anyone about anything is EDUCATION and many people need to be educated about Social Media because it’s still so NEW to so many and they don’t understand it and sometimes they don’t want to admit they don’t understand it. So, sending them links to useful content and blogs is a great way to introduce them to Social Media. But, please ask them for permission before you start sending them info. Nobody wants to be blasted with content they are not interested in.

1. Feel free to send them the link to this page to watch the recorded webinar. Or invite them to our upcoming FREE LIVE webinar this Wednesday September 9th at 11:00 am PST.

2. Also, like any marketing effort, they need to decide if the time and money spent is worth it for the new business generated.


Q.Wordpress VS I heard blogger is easier to setup and use?

Answers: Christine Elisabeth von Malsen Hueber : blogger is easier & WP has better SEO.

Rachel Yeomans : I recommend WordPress over – quality I feel is better and it’s user-friendly–setting it up can be a bit confusing but it’s worth it.

Chuck Horton : We use self hosted WordPress website. You can use or to have it hosted.

Q. I need a new website that allows blogging. Any suggestions?

A. Ana Lucia Novak : Diane – get a wordpress blog website – using, it’s $6.95 / month

Go to for’s list of recommended hosting services.

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