Online Business Strategies FAQ

1. How do you link Your Twitter updates to Facebook Fan Page?

You don’t want every Tweet to be posted to your Facebook Fan Page. They are two completely different online cultures. However, to synchronize your posts with Twitter and Facebook you can use Tweetdeck. There’s also a Facebook application called Selective Twitter Status, which will enable you to link only those tweets that end with the hashtag “#fb.” Here is an article on the Facebook Blog that may be helpful. Let us know if this answer is helpful.

2.  Should I set up a Facebook Fan page if I don’t have a business yet?

No, you should not set up Fan page if you don’t have a business. Fan pages are specifically for businesses or products and until you have a business or product, there is nothing to promote.  The idea behind a Fan page is to connect with your Fans who are interested in your business or product. It would be hard to connect with your FANS  if you don’t have a business or product to engage them with. On the other hand, if you have a very clear business idea or product, you can go ahead and set up a FAN page and start talking about your product or service to create BUZZ. You can start building your online community around your idea and let your FANS get involved with the unfolding development of bringing your business product/service to market. The key here is to be CLEAR on your business idea because once you set up your Facebook Fan Page, FB will not let you change the name of your FAN page. You will have to delete the account and start over. This is a huge bone of contention for FB FAN Page Users.

3. Should I focus on setting up a blog first or a Fan page?

Setting up a Fan page for your business is a lot easier and cheaper than a blog. I recommend setting up a Fan page before your blog. Many people who don’t have blogs, have a FAN page to promote their business.

4. How do I change the tabs on Facebook?

I found a video on YouTube that might be helpful. Check it out.

5. What are the next steps after I set up my FB FAN page? How do I invite my friends to FAN me?

Click on the “Suggest to Friends” button below your photo/image after your FAN page has been set up.  This will take you to all your friends on your PROFILE where you can select all or individuals to become your FAN.  After you have reached 25 FANS, Facebook will allow you to have your own URL, which will make it easier for people (out side of Facebook) to find your FAN page.  When people become your FAN, be sure to thank them and welcome them. Invite them to ask you a question about your product or service on your Fan page Wall. The idea here is to start engaging folks in an online conversation.

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