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Brenda Horton

Brenda Horton

Brenda Tello Horton is the president of Hware LLC., and chief blogger.  She  holds a degree in the College of Communications from the University of Texas at Austin. She has won numerous awards in sales, marketing, and customer service in real estate, hospitality, restaurant, office products, and airline industries.  She has owned three successful businesses. She is an avid child advocate and has fundraised over $350,000 for kids in the foster care system.  She is currently in stealth startup mode with a suite a software tools for female entrepreneurs.

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Chuck Horton

Chuck Horton

Chuck Horton is the vice-president of Hware LLC., and CTO.  He is a serial entrepreneur with vast knowledge and expertise in  technology and business strategies. He sold his first business at the age of 17.  While in college, he started one of the first computerized Bulletin Board Systems, the predecessor to internet chat rooms, social media, blogging, forums, and open source software. He has owned 5 businesses and has created, launched, merged, and spun-off many businesses on behalf of  his consulting clients. He is currently developing a suite of software tools using rich internet applications for entrepreneurs and non-profits.

Hware Today

After experiencing tremendous success with their own businesses, Chuck and Brenda Horton teamed up as business partners in 2008. Today, Hware is preparing to release a suite of software productivity tools designed to help entrepreneurs, small business owners, and non-profits.

Chuck Horton is the past president of the board of directors for Sierra Forever Families.

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