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 Brenda Tello Horton – President

As a business consultant, Brenda’s knowledge comes from real world experience.

She launched an e-commerce site in the late 90s which she later sold for a profit.

She has been a top producing real estate agent and has won numerous awards in sales and customer service in the hospitality, restaurant, airline, and office product industries.

Her vast experience in diverse industries on various projects with many different teams has led her to co-found ProPlanr.com, a planning and collaboration task management software system for teams.

As a former award winning Dale Carnegie Sales Trainer, Brenda has trained many professionals on improving their sales.

She holds a B.S. in the College of Communications from the University of Texas at Austin.

Brenda is passionate about giving back and has fundraised and crowdfunded over 450K for various social, startup and environmental causes. Learn more about Brenda’s work in empowering women in business at BrendaHorton.com.

Connect with Brenda on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.


Chuck Horton – Chief Technologist

Chuck is serial entrepreneur. He started his first business at the age of 16. He attended Sacramento State University where he played on the tennis team.

He is a technology expert with over 25 custom software applications in 18 different programming languages under his belt. He uses the latest technology development tools to help his customers achieve their goals.

As a business management consultant, he has worked with Fortune 500 companies, public agencies, non-profits, and small to medium size businesses to help them get the results they want.

For seven years, he sat on the Board of Directors of Sierra Forever Families, a non-profit based in Sacramento that helps kids in the foster care system find permanent family homes. He served two years as board president and played a lead role in putting together a succession plan for their executive director of 25 years. In addition, he was instrumental in leading a successful six million dollar capital campaign for Sierra Forever Families during the great recession of 2008.

Learn more about Chuck’s technology expertise right here on GitHub. Connect with Chuck on Twitter and LinkedIn. 

When Chuck is not working, you can find him on the ski slopes and hiking trails of Tahoe.


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