Announcing The Release Of Actionplanr 1.2.

Tips Select 4 Quadrants

If you

  • have a lifestyle business
  • are a solopreneur (one-person business)
  • own a home-based business
  • are a freelancer
  • are an independent consultant
  • are a values-based entrepreneur (your work/life is meaningful and fulfilling)
  • are an individual who likes to set goals, be productive and organized, then you’ll want to pay attention.

Softly launched in 4th quarter of 2012, Actionplanr is changing the way individuals manage their projects, organize their checklists, set goals, create strategic action plans, and balance their work/life.

Designed for the solo business person who has no tolerance for complicated and unattractive software, but realizes she needs to be organized, focused, and productive to achieve her goals, Actionplanr is her empowerment tool.

An overview of the updated version of Actionplanr 1.2

Major Changes:

  • Added Tips Button to show you tips on how to use current screen
  • Added Chat button for customer support
  • You can now click on the Quadrant Title (Personal, Family, Business or Community) to add an action plan for that quadrant
  • Added Edit Icon to Goal Card to popup Goal Window
  • Added Edit Notes Icon to Goal Card to popup Goal Notes
  • Added FAQ (frequently asked questions) under the help Menu.
  • You can now duplicate action plans
  • You can email action plan or phase
  • Completed Action Steps are now dimmed

Learn more about Actionplanr version 1.2 with screenshots and details right here.

Hware, LLC. (HumanityWare) is a software company that designs simple software productivity tools for individuals and small teams.



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