Happy New Year! Are you ready to move forward?

We are kickstarting the new year with a training video on How To Set Your Work/Life Goals.

In this video I also give you some reasons on why and when you should NOT set goals.

If you want to learn a lot more on goal planning and setting a vision for your work/life, then check out the full training video here.

An Update On Hware

2012 was a BIG year for us as we “soft” launched Actionplanr to our community in the last quarter.  Without much promotion we’re off to a great start with a customer base of hundreds of Actionplanrs (that’s what we are calling our users). A big WELCOME to all our new customers! We are very grateful that you have jumped on board with us and look forward to helping you achieve your work/life goals. Press release coming soon.

Life Legacy Project

The popular Life Legacy Project interview series with entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs is going through some minor changes.

Based on our viewers’ feedback we’ve decided to incorporate some shorter video interviews, as in nuggets of knowledge. In addition, the video interviews will be peppered throughout the month versus weekly due to our growing responsibilities with Actionplanr. Be sure to sign up for our e-newsletter to capture the latest interview.

If you want to learn how to conduct video Skype interviews and start your own Web TV show, I’ve put together a complete action plan template over at Actionplanr.com.  You will find it under the business templates.

2013 is the year where more people will be using videos to communicate their message to their audience and I know learning how to conduct video Skype interviews can be a bit intimidating at first because there is a long list of things you need to do, but with the action plan template you will have the cheat sheet you need to get it done quickly and simply.

What’s Happening With The Hware Blog?

The Hware blog will transition over to our company umbrella blog where we will continue to host Life Legacy Project interviews and posts on company news.

The Actionplanr blog is the place to join us for posts on life hacks, productivity, goal planning, work/life balance, and values-based entrepreneurship.

Blissful Business

I am extremely grateful to wake up every morning filled with excitement for the work I do. Yes, of course I have an occasional frustrating day, but even so, most days I am blissfully buried in my business.  Thank you to our Actionplanr customers for the opportunity to serve you and to our online Hware community for all your feedback and support over the years.

2013 is going to be an AWESOME year! 

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