Did you know…

• Pinterest users spend more money, more often and on more items than any of the top 5 social networking sites?
• Pinterest’s U.S. audience is interested in crafts, recipes, fashion, home decor, travel?
• Pinterest’s U.K. audience (male dominated) is interested in venture capital, SEO, and blogging resources?
• Pinterest has 15 million users?
• Of people with Pinterest accounts, 21% have purchased an item after seeing it on Pinterest?
• Pinterest U.S. users are 70% women 30% men?
• Pinterest has outstripped the traffic of Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube combined?
• Pinterest is now the 3rd most popular social networking site behind Facebook and Twitter?
• Over 80% of pins are re-pinned on Pinterest?

Got your attention on why your business should be on Pinterest?

Now obviously if your customer base is NOT hanging out on Pinterest, then no need to spend a ton of energy and focus there, but if they are, then check out the step-by-step action plan right here on how to get started with Pinterest for your business.

We’ve taken all the latest and best resources on Pinterest and organized them into an action plan to help you get started.  And the best part is that you can customize the action plan to suit your specific needs with Actionplanr (currently still in beta, which means it is F.R.E.E., but NOT for much longer).

Think of the action plan for Pinterest as the “Cliff Notes” to Pinterest or the “Cheat Sheets” to Pinterest.  Easy and fast with Actionplanr.  No need to spend tons of money paying someone to walk you through it or hours upon hours figuring out how to leverage it for your business.

Many beta testers are currently using Actionplanr to help them achieve their goals, organize their projects, and manage their check lists to help them become more productive by getting more done in less time.

Grab your Actionplanr Pinterest template for your business and let us know what you think!


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