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Today I am packing my bags and heading to California to give a workshop on the Turning Your Passion Into A Real Business at the See Jane Do Conference for women.

Before I hit the road, I want to take you behind the scenes with me to learn from Internet marketer, Jim Kukral as he deconstructs the homepage of

That’s right!  I am putting on the hat of student and using our own software product website (homepage) as a case study.

We all know that today’s entrepreneur needs to understand how to drive traffic to her website and ultimately convert that traffic into sales.  But there are a lot of steps that an entrepreneur needs to take BEFORE the sale happens.

At the end of the day, a website should be about a call to action. You should be asking yourself, “What action do I want my visitors to take on my website? ”  Download an e-book?  Sign up for an e-newsletter, attend webinar?

We cover this in the interview and a lot more using Actionplanr’s homepage site as an example of what to do and what NOT to do.

What’s Actionplanr?

For many months, we have been developing a productivity software tool that is designed to help entrepreneurs make things happen and get more done in business and life with their plans, projects, checklists, and goals. is that software tool.

You’ve heard the cliche’ that ideas are a dime a dozen, right?  It’s true.  Ideas are easy to come by.  What’s hard is the homework and planning that is necessary to bring those ideas to fruition.

I have found that some people are resistant to planning or goal setting because by its very nature it requires them to do the very unglamorous and laborious homework of fleshing out their idea. (I’ve been guilty of this.)  It takes work.  There’s a reason the word work is in homework.

Some people believe that planning is not necessary.  I would venture to say that these same people waste a lot of time, money, and resources in trying to achieve their goals or accomplish their projects. (I’ve been guilty of this.)

I’ve always been frustrated with the lack of easy-to-use planning tools for non-techie people like myself.  It’s from this painful experience of not having a simple, yet powerful productivity tool that actionplanr was born.  Simple and powerful.

If you are in the proces of building a new website or making changes to your current one, then you won’t want to miss Jim’s feedback on Actionplanr’s website.  (As of this writing, is in beta.)

Be sure to check back in a few weeks to see all the changes we will soon be implementing thanks to Jim!

Have feedback for us too? Give it to us! Would love to hear from you on the comments below.


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