A few years ago we had a vision to empower entrepreneurs with simple software productivity tools.

Our vision was bold, yet simple — Impact the lives and businesses of individuals who wanted to get more done and make things happen by achieving their goals, accomplishing their projects, and pursing their ideas and plans.

Most importantly, the software had to be very easy to use.

After many years of consulting and helping entrepreneurs and small businesses, we knew exactly where the pain points were in why people don’t reach their goals. We knew all the reasons why an idea never sees the light of day.  We knew all the pitfalls of why a project gets started and rarely completed.  And we knew how easy it is to become overwhelmed in trying to make it all happen.

We wanted to change that.

Today our vision has turned into a reality! I am extremely proud to announce the public BETA launch of actionplanr.com.

As entrepreneurs, we are multi-dimensional human beings. We not only have ideas and plans for our business, but for our personal, family, and community life too.  Actionplanr is a four-quadrant system that organizes your goals, projects, plans, ideas, and check lists in four areas of your life:

  1. Personal – i.e., health, finances, spirituality, etc.
  2. Family – i.e., relationships, family meals, reunion, etc.
  3. Business – i.e., product launches, technology, etc.
  4. Community – i.e., fundraisers, volunteerism, etc.

This four-quadrant system lets you see a snapshot of where you are focusing your energies in all areas of your life.

Actionplanr Launch Party (Chuck giving a demo to guests)

A few days ago we hosted our actionplanr launch party at Sierra Commons and I was humbled by the overwhelming amount of positive feedback and interest.  (Big shout of THANKS to everyone who came to help us celebrate!)

Creating actionplanr has been a long and oftentimes, difficult road in getting here.  Developing software is extremely complex and oftentimes frustrating.  At one point, we threw out the design when it was 90% completed because we felt the user interface was too linear. That was a huge setback for us.  But we persevered because we are passionate about helping others turn their ideas into a reality.

Everyone has an idea inside them waiting and wanting to be birthed.  Everyone has dreams, goals, visions, and plans hoping to be reached.

No more excuses.  The time has come to make it happen with actionplanr.

Join us on this journey as an actionplanr user.  (It’s free to try!) Your feedback and input is critical to where we go from here.

Go try it now!


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