Recently, I had the privilege of conducting a workshop on how to set goals at the Passion Into Action women’s conference  organized by See Jane Do.  It was a powerful conference filled with intelligent and motivated attendees, inspiring speakers, and dynamic workshop leaders.

Workshop Leaders From Passion Into Action Conference.  That's me on the far right.

Workshop Leaders From Passion Into Action Conference. That’s me on the far right.

Photo by Kail James

You can access the entire PDF presentation called, “Turn My Passion Into A Real Business” right here inside Actionplanr’s (currently in beta) business templates.  Be sure to click on the NOTES section to download the PDF.

The conference was designed to motivate women into action with their ideas and passion and that’s exactly what we’ve been working on over here at Hware for many months with the beta release of Actionplanr, a goal planning software tool that helps you make things happen and get more done with your projects, goals, ideas, check lists, and plans.

Have you ever had an idea or a passion about something, but just weren’t quite sure how to turn it into a reality?  It’s a common challenge.

Many people become overwhelmed when attempting to turn their idea into something tangible.  They are not sure what action steps to take first, second, third, and so on.  Prioritizing the action steps or understanding which ones to take at a certain time is not always easy to identify.

After many years of helping large and small businesses, we have found that the easiest way to achieve your goals and bring your ideas to fruition is break the entire process down into three simple steps.

The first step is to get clear on what it is that you want to achieve. What outcome do you want?  If you don’t know what you are aiming for, then it will be difficult to achieve your goal. So spend some time getting clear on your goal. How do you do that?

There are many paths to getting in touch with your vision for your life and/or business. Pick one that resonates with you. 

Once you have clearly articulated your goal, you then want to break it down into phases.  This is critical because your goal will most likely have many action steps, so it is important to organize those steps into phases.

After you have outlined your phases, you can now go through each one and begin adding your specific action steps to help you achieve your goal.

We are multi-dimensional human beings and with Actionplanr, we have simplified the goal planning process for you in FOUR easy quadrants (which you can customize):

  • Personal
  • Business
  • Family
  • Community

Enough talking about that idea of yours.  It’s time to turn it into a reality. Check out Actionplanr now while it is still free in BETA and join the many other beta testers and let us know what you think.  We’d love to hear from you!


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