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Barry Friedman made a great living juggling balls while travelling the world for 30 years under the stage name, Raspyni Brothers.  He was the opening act for mega stars like Robin Williams, Billy Crystal, Dana Carvey and Steve Martin. He performed for Fortune 500 companies, TED conference, The Academy Awards, and made hundreds of TV appearances until one day a tragic accident hit.

Laid up in bed for six months while recovering from his accident, Barry had a lot of time to rethink his entire business model.

In this interview you are going to learn how Barry restructured his business from selling corporate gigs to selling his knowledge and expertise over the internet. Today 80% of his revenue comes from his online business.  Learn more about putting your knowledge and expertise online with Barry at

You are going to learn the single most important thing he did to launch his business online.  Hint: I wish I had done this years ago when I made the decision to become a software entrepreneur. You are also going to learn how he automated and systemized one of his online products that now brings him a healthy monthly annuity.

This is a quick-moving interview because Barry talks fast.  He even throws a few balls up in the air! All this and so much more right here on Life Legacy Project interview series.

Let us know what you learned from Barry in this interview.  Would love your comments below.


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