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Her Virtual Law Office

In this week’s Life Legacy Project interview series you are going to meet solopreneur, Rachel Rodgers. She’s a vibrant and dynamic lawyer who runs her business entirely place-independent. In other words, Rachel’s law office is not dictated by a physical location.  It is operated virtually —Internet-based.  While virtual businesses are becoming mainstream, Rachel is an early-adopter in a profession that is slow to change.

Rachel describes how she is building a lifestyle business that allows her to explore the world and raise a family all while serving legal advice to her clients.  In fact, she loves the virtual business model so much that she even started a second virtual business called that trains female lawyers how to launch their own online business.

If you’ve ever wanted to build a lifestyle business, a virtual business, a non-location based business, then you will want to capture Rachel’s interview as she lays out the details of her business from outsourcing services, technologies, and systems. She even reveals how she garnered great press from Entrepreneur, Forbes, and Time for her business.

Also, listen carefully towards the end because Rachel dishes up some great advice on the importance of having a client service contract agreement — this is critical. Client service contracts will spare you a lot of drama from unspoken expectations. 

Goof up alert:  I apologize for the audio quality (only when I am talking), which is about 10% of the time. I had the microphone plugged into the headset port as opposed to the microphone port. Duh! Lesson learned.  

In any event, I think you are going to get a lot of value from watching this interview with Rachel Rodgers.  Let us know what you think on the blog comments below!


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