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How does a Harvard trained lawyer who built a successful ten year career in corporate America walk away from it all, change directions, and start all over with just a blog and a Facebook Page?  One day Sibyl Chavis decided to give up complaining for forty days and forty days turned into five years and she has never looked back.

In this week’s Life Legacy Project interview series, you will meet Sibyl Chavis, founder of the popular online magazine, The Possibility of Today — simple tips for living today better than yesterday.   The Possibility Of Today has a highly engaged Facebook Page with over 37,000 Likes where Sibyl posts daily inspirations, great quotes and free articles to help you live today better than yesterday.

If you are just getting started in building your online presence, then you must check out this interview with Sibyl.

In this interview you are going to learn:

  • The quote that inspired Sibyl to take massive action on changing the direction of her life and work.
  • How she overcame fear and took the leap to leave her safe job and launch a new business.
  • Why she made the decision to move her family from the east coast to the west coast while pregnant.
  • The framework she used to build a large online following.
  • Her blogging strategy that has garnered a loyal base of readers.
  • How she tunes into her Facebook community to set the tone for her popular posts.
  • How she optimizes Facebook to introduce her community to her blog.
  • Why her Facebook community is critical to her online business.
  • How she did all this in a one year time period and much more.
Do you have more questions for Sibyl on how she grew her Facebook Page and blog? Do you have an online presence? What strategies are you using to build your online community? Please leave your comments below.

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