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Rocky Relationships At Work Or Home?

Studies have shown that there is a direct correlation to the quality of our relationships and our happiness, whether it be in business or our personal lives. That is why I asked Sonika Tinker and Christian Pedersen, the wife/husband relationship coaching team of to join me on this week’s Life Legacy Project interview series to dish up some advice on how to improve our relationships.

You will also learn how they took their struggling business from $15,000 in annual revenue to $170,000 within a short time period? Sonika and Christian openly share their entrepreneurial challenges in getting their online relationship coaching business off the ground and the key steps they took to radically shift from survival to scaling their business. I’ll give you a hint…It started with the right mindset.

Some Sound Advice On How To Deal With An Irate Customer

Ever had an irate customer? If you’ve been in business even for a short amount of time, you most likely have. How did you handle it? Be sure to watch or listen to the video all the way to the end because Christian offers some great advice on what to do when that happens.

In this interview, I also share the challenges I’ve had with my business partner and how we resolved our own road blocks. And towards the end of the interview, I become a wee bit excited with all this talk about relationships that I found myself wanting to extend the topic to how we, as humans, relate to the Earth. But, I’ll save it for another time.

Heads-up: I apologize for the clumsy video introduction. I forgot to turn off the app that reminds me to get up from my computer chair and stretch every ten minutes and as a result, I was completely distracted. We don’t do too much editing of our interviews here at Hware because we want to keep the recordings as authentic as possible.  Thanks for understanding as we navigate our way with these interviews.

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