Life Legacy Project

In celebration of  the upcoming release of Actionplanr, a goal-planning software tool designed for female solopreneurs (we think the guys are going to love it too), I will be conducting a weekly series of video interviews with entrepreneurs who are living a life by design (as opposed to default) and building their dream businesses. I will be capturing the stories of entrepreneurs who will share their successes and failures in pursuit of their ideal lifestyle and business model. This weekly video interview series is called Life Legacy Project.

I will be speaking to startups and seasoned entrepreneurs, serial, social, and solopreneurs, visionaries, do-it-your-selfers, creators, specialists, action-takers, rainmakers and much much more.  We will learn from them as they share their specific strategies, systems, action plans, and approach to designing and building their dream business and life.  I will be digging deep into their businesses to find out how they have aligned their values, strengths, passions, and skill sets to take their business idea from a vision to a reality.

I will also be deconstructing the tactics and tips they use to juggle and balance their personal lives, community efforts, and family time all while designing a life that brings them joy and building a business that brings them not only financial success but a deep sense of pride, meaning, and creativity from the work they do.

Most of all, it is my intention and hope that you will gain some incredible insight and inspiration to live a life by design and go out into the world and build that business you envision.  May the life you live be the legacy you leave behind.

Welcome to Life Legacy Project, a weekly interview series with entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.  Submit your email address on our website to receive Life Legacy Project in your inbox.  Thank you for joining us! I am so excited to be bringing you the untold stories of entrepreneurs from all over the world!


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