Entrepreneurs have a high threshold for uncertainty and risks. We thrive in chaos and can navigate through a lot of confusion on our way to clarity.  We wouldn’t have our lives any other way. The challenges, the complexity, and the craziness of entrepreneurship are what oftentimes make us feel alive.

But there comes a point when we need to move away from chaos and get clear, grounded, and centered. Otherwise, we find ourselves unproductive or wasting time, money, and resources (things small business owners don’t have a lot of).

And that’s where having a daily ritual is vital. I don’t mean ritual in a religious way, I mean ritual like a daily habit, or a daily activity that anchors and grounds us.

I recently heard Jonathon Fields on a Mixergy interview, talking about how highly successful people all have an anchor. They do something every day that helps keep them sane. They’ve developed some kind of habit that helps them feel free of worry and anxiety.

I’ve had a daily ritual for many years now. I call it my Morning Moving Meditation. I hike every morning in nature for about one hour. I start off with a couple of shots of wheat grass and then I hit it hard on the hiking trails with a 3lb. weight bar in each hand.  As an added benefit, every Friday my good friend, Gena Livings of GenaLivings.com joins me on my hike.

It is my oasis, a safe place where I go to think, to quiet my mind, to be inspired. When I am done, I feel energized and ready to tackle the day of a female software entrepreneur.

By grounding myself with the earth, I feel a connectedness to everything and everyone in my life. I think that when we feel a connection to this experience we call life, we make business decisions that serve the greater good of our local and global communities alike versus our own self-interests.

What if we as entrepreneurs started building businesses that was a win for us and a win for this beautiful place we call Earth? It doesn’t have to be one or the other. I think we can all live together in abundance and harmony as we move into supporting and encouraging one another (the next wave of entrepreneurs) who care not only about profits but also care about the planet and her people too.

What about you? Do you have a daily ritual? What activity do you do that helps you keep your mind clear and focused? I would love to know. Please share your comments below.


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