8 Ways To Capture Mindshare Of Your Target Audience.

Savvy marketers know exactly how their target audience makes a buying decision. And when the time comes to purchase, they know how to capture the mindshare of their prospective buyers. In other words, they understand that buyers/consumers/people have very busy lives and they don’t wake up every morning thinking about you and your business. So, capturing and staying in the forefront of a buyer’s mind is critical.

So, let’s play a short game to help define what mindshare is….

Quick, don’t think about it, just say out loud the first word that comes to your mind when you think of an airline. How about a coffee shop? Now think of a hotel.

Your answers reveal the company brand that owns your mindshare.  In other words, these companies have done such a great job at getting you to remember them that when you think of those words, their company comes first to your mind. Not second or third, but FIRST!

So, how do you as a small business owner be the FIRST company, as opposed to your competitors, that your prospective buyers think of when they need a product or service like yours?

Here are 8 Tips to help you grab the mindshare of your prospective customers.

1. Be consistent

People can’t remember you, your brand, or your products or services if you only show up once in awhile. You need to be consistent. So whatever you do, make sure you consistently do it. For example, you can release a weekly e-newsletter or video to your customers. Or, a monthly meetup event. The point is to be consistent.  Failure to be consistent is a recipe for people to forget about you and your company. Out of sight out of mind.

2. Be catchy

To be catchy is to be memorable.  And to be memorable you’ve got to know your UPV, Unique Proposition Value. What makes you or your company different from everyone else selling the same widget? Whatever that is is your UPV. When you understand your UPV, you can highlight and emphasize the uniqueness of your brand. It’s what makes you different from everyone else. In other words, how do you stand out from all your competitors? Answer that question and you on your way to being catchy and memorable.

3. Be clear

Confused buyers don’t buy. And they certainly won’t remember much of anything you said or did because they are too confused. Don’t make people think too hard to figure out what it is that you are offering. Be clear. Be clear in your message. Be clear in your call to action. Be clear in your everything you do. Think of Zappos. Clearly, they are the online shoe retailer with great customer service. How about Whole Foods?  They are known as the organic food grocery store. Here’s an idea.  Start with a niche. Don’t try to be all things to everyone. It’s too confusing. Get really good at being great in a specific niche and expand from there. Amazon started out with selling books online. Now they sell just about everything online.  So, be clear about your message, your brand, and your offering.

4. Be concise

When in doubt, brevity is best, especially in the online world where people have the attention span of a labrador puppy. Make your point and make it quickly. Especially if you are dealing with an online user. Studies show that you have about 7 seconds to capture the attention of someone online.  People will quickly look elsewhere if they have to go through too many obstacles to find what they are looking for. So be concise. The famous author and marketer, Seth Godin is world renown for being succinct.

5. Be compelling

Know your target audience and understand what compels them to like you, trust you , and do business with you? Here is a question for you. What problem does your product or service solve for your customers? How does it make their life easier, save them time and/or money?  When you can answer that, you are on your way to creating a compelling story that will capture the mindshare of your target audience.

6. Be credible

You can’t capture mindshare if your product or service sucks. You can’t own the mindshare of your target audience if your company is really bad at what they do.  Credibility is built by being competent and trustworthy. Think back to the companies you thought of during our earlier exercise. How did their credibility capture your mindshare? What have they done to own that space in your mind? Did they under promise and over deliver? Were they prompt and courteous with customer service?  Did they follow through like they said they would?  How did they capture your mindshare?  Whatever is was, it made you remember them.

7. Be contagious

Being contagious is how you spread mindshare. If people are talking about you or your brand at a cocktail party, then you are contagious. What makes your brand, business, product or service worthy of spreading? Is it the buying experience? Is it the user experience? Is it how easy you make it for someone to purchase online from you? What is it that makes someone have a “WOW” moment with your company where they go out and share the  experience with their friends and family? Gary Vaynurchuk of Daily Grape has the contagious or viral effect in the wine industry and growing each year.

8. Use a camera (video)

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million. Don’t underestimate the power of connecting with your target audience by using video. Obviously the best way to connect with your customers and capture their mindshare is in person, but that is not always realistic or practical. Video is the next best way to build and cultivate that relationship.  Don’t wait for on-camera perfection. You will be waiting forever if you do.

Use these 8 TIPS to capture the mindshare of your target audience and they will be sure to remember you when it comes time to buy. Are there anymore that you can think of? Post on the comments below.

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