There Are 3 Type Of Profiles Of Entrepreneurs

1. The Dreamer

She loves to stay in dream mode. She lights up when she talks about her idea. As a matter of fact, she has a ton of ideas. She’s Debbie Dreamer. She often fantasizes about all the people who will use her products or services. She builds vision boards and has her very own private “dream space.” She keeps a journal of her endless ideas. She moves from one idea to another as she quickly becomes bored with them. The thought of sticking with one idea and building a business from it, frightens her, overwhelms her and seems boring to her. Ultimately, the market passes her by because she never took any action on bringing any of her ideas to a reality.

2. The Planner

She spends a lot time planning, researching, analyzing, studying, revising that e-book, perfecting that website, and buys endless amounts of planning tools.  She’s Patty Planner. She feels productive because she is preparing her business and getting everything lined up before she takes action. However, while she was busy planning and preparing for perfection, she missed the market. Her competition swooped in and stole her prospective customers.  Ultimately, she runs out of money before she even got started. Poor Patty Planner, she never got around to putting all those plans and market research to use.

3. The Action-Taker

She takes massive action without any clear vision or idea and little to no planning.  She’s energetic, a doer, and thinks that being busy equates to running a business. You’ve seen this type of entrepreneur. She’s Annie Action-Taker on Twitter and Facebook. She’s blogging, she’s in forums, she’s pumping out videos, she’s everywhere. She even tells you how much revenue she made selling her latest widget, but is she making a profit? Inevitably, she burns out and goes away and you don’t see her for a long time until she pops back up again in a e-mail saying that she’s been busy working behind the scenes preparing to bring you the latest information product that you so desperately need from her.  After her long absence, she’s back on the scene again taking action on her next big idea without giving it much thought.

Taking the Right Action at the Right Time

Let’s be honest here. We’ve been all three of these entrepreneurs at some point during our careers. It’s not that they are poor role models for launching a business. As a matter of fact, they all play a vital role in entrepreneurship.

You need a VISION before you can plan and you need a PLAN before you take ACTION.

It’s when we stay “stuck” in one of those roles that prevents us from achieving our ultimate goals and objectives.  It’s when we use them out of sequence that makes things confusing and overwhelming.

For example, you wouldn’t rent office space with furniture and computers when you have no sales to justify it would you?  Of course not. You’d work out of your garage or home office. Generate the leads first, convert them into sales and grow your business. Always, lead with revenue first.  It’s about taking the right action at the right time. There should be a sequence, a sense of doing things in the right order.  Otherwise, there’s a lot of time, money, and resources wasted.

There Are 2 More Profile-Types Of Entrepreneurs

4. Tina Tracker

Tina Tracker is always tracking her results.  She understands the importance of measuring her success or lack of so that she can make improvements.  She has a clear understanding of her sales funnel and knows how and where to track weaknesses and strengths so that she can eliminate or optimize them.  She’s NOT afraid to fail. She focuses in on the “needle movers,” those activities that will generate paying customers.

5. Abby Adapter

Abby Adapter is flexible and adapts as her business environment changes. She doesn’t let “change” throw her off course. She moves confidently because she knows that her risks are calculated. She believes in herself and her ability to execute strategically not impulsively or emotionally.  She understands that her business is the economic engine that will fuel her lifestyle.

Which entrepreneur do you identify with most? For me, it’s Patty Planner. Planning plays to my strengths. Soon, we will be launching an action-planning software tool to help you organize your goals. So, be sure to sign up for my blog for early-bird notification!

NOTE: This is the second blog post in my Action-Planning blog series.

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