Do you consider yourself an action taker? Are you a “Get ‘Er Done” kinda gal? Yes?! Whoa, slow down there Cowgirl. Take your boots off and ponder this for a bit before you lasso your next checklist.

As entrepreneurs, we naturally have a lot of energy and we like to expend it on our business.  But, we can waste a lot of time, money, and resources on  accomplishing very little to nothing at all.

Here are 5 simple reasons why taking ACTION won’t work.

1. You have no clear goal or no goal at all.

When you have no vision or your vision is murky and undefined, you will find all your ACTION TAKING activities to be a costly use of your time.  Your time is worth something isn’t it? Then get clear on what it is you are trying to accomplish.  Goals have a start date and an end date. Most of all, they must be realistic. I am not saying don’t dream. There is a time and a place to lavish yourself in the sweet luxury and necessity of visualization and visionary boards. And, when you come down from that happy place, it’s then time to get real and take care of business.

2.  You have no Action Plan to guide you.

Not having a blue print or road map on what steps to take first, second, third, and so on is like hiking up Mount Whitney without preparation. Minimally, you need to know what trail to take. Right? Now, I am not talking about the need to analyze every detail of planning to the point where you become paralyzed. You just need to understand the plan so that you can take ACTION without wasting a lot of time, money, and resources.

3. You have no means for measuring results.

In business, anything worth TAKING ACTION on is worth measuring the success of it. You either accomplished your goals or you didn’t. Your goals must be specific for them to be measured. You can’t measure a vague concept. Sorta climbing Mount Whitney is a lot different from hiking Mount Whitney to the summit. You also need a measurement tool or a means to measure by. How are you measuring your success? Are you measuring quality or quantity or both?  For example, online measurement tools would be things like Google analytics, or Get Clicky.

4. You are not flexible or adaptable.

Business is dynamic. It is like a living, breathing organism. The economy changes, customers don’t care about you or your products or services, and your best employee just got hired by your biggest competitor. Change is constant. Be prepared for it because it is always there.  The more you resist to change, the harder it is to bring your business into alignment with the current business culture. There was a time when people thought computers and the internet were a fad.  Kinda like the folks who were hoping social media would go away. Let’s face it. Technology is here to stay and will become more ubiquitous in years to come. Learn how to leverage it or stay with the dinosaurs…and we all know what happened to them!

5. You have no systems in place.

Business owners oftentimes blame their employees and customers when mistakes happen. However, more often than not, there was a lack of systems or clear protocol in place. Take responsibility for running your business like a professional. Put systems in place like automation tools to increase productivity and save money. Be proactive by putting processes and protocols in place.  Most importantly, take pause. Look around and search for the weakest link in your business because most likely you need to eliminate it or improve it.

Obviously there are many more reasons why Action Takers don’t get the results their looking for, but I will save that for another time. These are the top 5 most critical that consistently make an Action Taker fall flat on their back! I know, as an entrepreneur, we’ve all been there many times. But, we always seem to get back up and dust off our boots and start over don’t we?  We wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s what makes us feel ALIVE!

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