The Social Network Movie

Still haven’t seen the movie, The Social Network yet?  What are you waiting for? This fast-dialoguing, good acting, and great screen-writing movie deserves some accolades come Oscar time thanks to Aaron Sorkin of West Wing.  Based on the movie, here are my top 3 reasons how Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook catapulted the idea for Facebook into a reality.

1. No legal contracts.

Other guys had the idea for Facebook before Zuckerberg. They came to him with the idea for Facebook with the intention of having him write the code. Another college friend of his funded the startup. Did Zuckerberg steal their idea? Was it their intellectual property? Ideas are a dime a dozen and there are two sides to every story. My Space was already a big player when Facebook hit the scene.  No matter how fast things are moving…pause, look around, and protect your interests by getting agreements in writing. Legal agreements are a win-win for everyone because it does not leave anyone guessing when things get confusing. Their naivete or inexperience cost them and eventually made Mark Zuckerberg worth billions.  Lesson here — Get a contract in place. Signatures and legal contracts help prevent messy misunderstandings.

2. He who executes wins.

Zuckerberg is not portrayed in the best light when it comes to loyalty and honoring the code of friendship, but you cannot deny the fact that he is obsessed with implementing the idea of Facebook throughout the movie. He was methodical and laser-focused in developing Facebook and taking it to the next level. Zuckerberg is also portrayed as being exploitative, back-stabbing, cut-throat, and blindly ambitious. Did Zuckerberg take advantage of people (his friends) along the way? Who really knows what one’s true intentions are? The point is that there were many opportunities that Zuckerberg acted upon that kept leading him one step closer to success. He clearly seized the opportunities as they came while one of the co-founders was portrayed as wishy-washy when it was time to move the company to Silicon Valley. He was non-committal and distracted while Zuckerberg stayed the course.  Lesson here —take massive action when opportunities come knocking.

3. Embrace the mentor when he shows up.

Zuckerberg took a lot of advice from a peer mentor, Sean Parker played by Justin Timberlake. In real life, Parker is known as an internet genius and was the founding president of Facebook. Zuckerberg quickly understood that he was standing in the presence of someone who could help him build Facebook when he met Parker. Have you ever met someone at a business networking event, or an industry conference, or a cocktail social hour and did not recognize the value of that prospective relationship? Did you ever think about how much that cost you? Key relationships are essential to business success. Parker advised Zuckerberg to move to Silicon Valley, drop the ‘THE’ in Facebook, and how to deal with venture capitalists.  Those three tips alone were worth billions to Zuckerberg. Lesson here — pay attention to the influencers and cultivate those relationships.

Have you already seen “The Social Network?” Any lessons learned? Would love your comments below.

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