Computer Zombie

Finding My Inner-Geek

True confessions here. I am a non-techie turned Geek Gal. It happend a few years ago when I was a small business owner and I was researching internet marketing strategies on the web for my real estate business. I was one of those people who thought of the computer as a necessary evil. The idea of sitting for hours in front of my computer was repulsive. I’d rather gnaw off my arm than stare at a screen all day. Computers were for people who had no social skills. They were for nerds, geeks, and introverts. “What a waste of time,” I’d think to myself as I looked pitifully upon those zombies glued to their monitors.

Awaken The Geek Girl

Then one day, while researching online, I stumble upon Twitter, and then Facebook, and then YouTube, webinars, podcasts, iTunes, blogs, videos, and Slideshare. And before long, I metamorphosed into that creature that I so despised. Only, it wasn’t  as awful as I thought it was. I actually liked it. What happened? I had what some would call an awakening or an epiphany. I got it! I saw the amazing usefulness of how online systems could be used to do business more productively and more efficiently. The online marketing and social networking tools were endless!  A whole new world opened up for me!

From Geek Girl To Tech Critic

That’s when I realized I needed to pursue this full-time.  I started attending as many Geek Conferences as possible. I immersed myself into the culture and language from the developers’ perspective. I began initiating discussions with my biz partner about what makes great software and showing him examples of crappy software from the perspective of the user’s experience. I became the self-appointed software critic when it came to the usefulness or lack of for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Geek Girl Launches Software Startup

Fast forward to today, I am now a business partner with my very techie spouse, (he actually has good social skills) who has been a business and technology consultant for over 25 years.  We eventually phased out most of the business and technology consulting model and now we are gearing up to launch some software tools (designed for small businesses) over the internet.

Small Biz Tech Tour

It’s been an exciting journey and I have much to share with the small business community of what I have learned. So, come join me at Small Biz Tech Tour in Mountain View California on September 28th where I will be taking the stage and talking about the latest location-based services for local businesses.  Small Biz Tech Tour is produced by

I have some FREE passes I am offering to our blog readers.  When you register use this code: Hware

Hope to see you there!

Brenda Horton is a happy zombie glued to her monitor. She sleeps with her iPhone.

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