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Do We Need Daily Rituals and Routines?

Do you have a place where you go to quiet your mind on a daily basis?  It’s no big news that everyone, especially small business owners need some quiet-time to renew, recover, and re-energize. Running a small business can be overwhelming at times and we all need a place where we can silence our mind, be still, and listen to our inner voice or intuition.  We live in a world where we are constantly bombarded with distractions, diversions, and detours. It is so easy to get off track and become unfocused. That is why we need our daily rituals and routines. The consistency of daily good habits eventually become a lifestyle. There’s plenty of data that show the benefits of meditation and calming activities. Here are a few daily routines that I do that help me quiet my mind, get grounded, and stay focused.

Do You Have A Place You Call Your Sacred Space?

A few years ago, I converted a home office space into my very own “sacred space.” I use it to do yoga, meditate, read books of inspiration, and write in my journal. I have been keeping a journal since I was a teenage girl. This one ritual alone is incredibly powerful. It is where I write my intentions, my dreams, and voice my insecurities and fears. The exercise of putting my thoughts to the written word has always served me well. For example, I wrote in my journal about ten years ago that I wanted to organize a fundraiser for kids in the foster care system in my local community.  I wanted to help them find permanent loving families who would adopt them. At the time I had no idea how I was going to do it because I had no real experience in spearheading such an event. I was also working full-time in a very fast-paced industry with brutally long hours. Nevertheless, it was something that I felt compelled to do. Fast forward a few years later —- I, along with the help of many volunteers, organized a fundraiser for Sierra Forever Families. Together, we raised over $350,000.00 and were able to help many children. I stumbled upon that journal entry a few months ago and was amazed that I not only fulfilled that intention, but I exceeded my goals.

What’s Does Your Retreat Look Like?

The other routine I have is connecting with nature. I live in a forest in Northern California. I hike about 2.5 miles on my trails just about everyday. Whenever I am feeling out of sorts or stuck, I spend more time with nature by heading to the hiking trails. By doing so, it allows me to flush out my thoughts. Being able to connect with the Earth and her ecosystem is a gift I am very grateful for. I always feel rooted and centered when I am with nature. Next summer 2011, I will attempt to hike around the entire Tahoe Rim Trail, a 165 mile hike with 30 pounds on my back and 16 days of sleeping underneath the stars. The last time I completed such a physically enduring hike was when I summit Mt. Whitney ten years ago.

My Daily Computer Habit

One final tip I want to share with you is a time-out reminder software tool I use called Dejal Time-Out. I sit in front of my computer most of the day and this tool reminds me to stand up and look away from my computer for about 30 seconds. During this time I also do a quick stretch. The reminder shows up on my computer screen about every 30 minutes.

So how about you? Do you have a daily ritual that helps you move with ease throughout the day? Where do you retreat when you have to make some hard business decisions or spend some time giving deep thought to a situation?  If you work in an urban area or home office in the suburbs, what things do you do to help you stay on track? I would love to hear about it.  We have much to learn from one another.  Please share your feedback in the comments section below.

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