Are You Forgetting to Take a BREAK?

Pop quiz: As a small business owner what is your most valuable asset? You of course! This is even more true for those of us who are a one man (or woman) operation.  Most of us do a pretty good job of investing in ourselves. We attend seminars, stay abreast of current developments in our industry and make sure we represent our brands well where ever we happen to be. However there is one thing that is an extremely important investment that I find many entrepreneurs forgetting. They forget to take care of their health and fitness.

When We Are Healthy We Can Take on the World.

As business owners we have more than full schedules. I understand this, being a business owner myself. I also know I could not keep up the schedule I do and live the quality of life I live if not for my investment in health and fitness.
Health and fitness is the foundation of everything we have and everything we do. If we do not make the time in our busy schedules for our health and fitness, we may be cheating ourselves and limiting our ability to be successful. When we are healthy we can take on the world. Our minds are clear, our hearts beat strong and our energy is limitless. When we are unhealthy we lose our focus.  We must fight for clarity of mind and spirit and we spend too much time battling our bodies, wasting precious energy fighting illness instead of using it for productivity and creativity.

So How Do you Fit it in and Make it Work While Running a Business?

A few quick tips:

  • Use your scheduling tool of choice and make an appointment with yourself. Blocking off even 30 minutes per day for physical activity can make a big difference.  Treat the appointment just as you would one with a client.
  • Cook in bulk. Make casseroles and soups with 6-8 servings and freeze for quick meals.
  • Plan your health and fitness strategy just like you plan your business strategy. List out your goals and the objectives to achieve them. Develop a strategic plan at the day, week and month level.
  • Use tools to work smarter not harder. There are iPhone apps to get nutrition information, online fitness communities for support and even healthy meal services to bring good food to you.
  • Just like anything worth having in life, being healthy and fit takes work. It is work worthwhile, just like all those other aspects of your business you spend hours on. So before you think that health and fitness isn’t a priority to growing a successful business ask yourself this question.  What would happen to your business without you?
Pamela Hernandez is the founder and co-owner of Thrive Personal Fitness, providing personal training and fitness coaching services. Please visit her at to find out more about her and approach to health and fitness.

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