Thanks to everyone who participated in our HP iPAQ Glisten SmartPhone Give-Away Contest! Congratulations to Michele Schiro for winning!

So here are my thoughts on the Glisten. My experience with technology comes from the end-user side. I am also an iPhone and Social Media Power User.

  • Initially, it seems like the iPhone meets the Blackberry. It has a keyboard pad with a touch screen
  • The speaker on the Glisten is much better than the iPhone
  • The AT&T Navigator GPS features were great
  • The quality of the screen was nice
  • Synchronized well with my social networking sites
  • Has a very nice feel in my hands when I am holding it
  • Has Flash Player unlike iPhone, which is very important to me because I view a lot of business videos
  • Can tether it for internet access from my computer unlike the iPhone (this is important if you are mobile)

I personally went straight from a standard cell phone user to an iPhone user. Having said that, I won’t be giving up my iPhone for the HP iPAQ Glisten SmartPhone anytime soon. However, for people who like the touch and feel of a keyboard or have been Blackberry users or Windows Mobile SmartPhone Users, this phone might be a great transitional choice.

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