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Gena Livings demonstrating lunges to my friend.

Gena, demonstrating lunges.

Approximately “60 percent of your immune system’s receptors cells are in your colon and another 15 percent are in the lower part of the small intestine.  That means that 75 percent of your body’s immune system is at the mercy of the goings-on of your gut.” – Ann Louise Gittleman, from her book, The Gut Flush Plan.  What that tells me is that if we don’t take proper care of our colon by eliminating all the corruptors; mainly bad bacteria, yeast, and bugs, then our over-all health will be compromised…and when our health is compromised, that certainly may have a negative impact our business. As a small business owner, we wear a lot of different “hats.” Oftentimes, the entrepreneur is the marketer, the administrator, the book keeper, the product developer, the overseer of operations, the negotiator, the errand runner, etc. If you are the only one wearing all those “hats” and your health goes down, that’s STRESS on STEROIDS! Did you know that the number one reason homeowners get foreclosed on is medical bills?

Running a Small Business is Like Running a Marathon.

Think of your small business as a marathon. It is a long race and you need to have a long-term perspective. Short-sighted thinking says that we can eat junk food and survive on coffee and little sleep. That’s a recipe for Burn-Out! We may be able to get away with that for a little while, but eventually it will catch up to us and bite us in the end, literally!  Years ago, I experienced burn-out. I was overweight, tired all the time, making poor food choices and not getting much sleep. My doctor told me that I had “fried my adrenal glands.” I had bought into the myth of “Super Woman.”  With the help of  my friend Gena Livings, online wellness coach , along with my health care professionals, it took 18 months to restore my health.  I now move my body everyday and eat consciously. Exercise is my drug of choice and healthy food is my medicine. I pay attention to what foods make me feel good and eliminate the ones that make me feel bad. Yes, I miss daily cup of coffee and evening wine. I miss all my favorite gourmet cheeses with gluten breads, but you know what? I LOVE how I feel! I love the energy I have. I love that I don’t wake up tired anymore.

Good Health like a Good Business Plan Starts with the End in Mind.

What foods and activities sustain you? What habits, attitudes, and behaviors do you have that help sustain you so that you are running your business versus your business running you?  I often write about how our VISION for our business starts with the END in mind. This time, I really mean it!  Reflecting on what I am THANKFUL for this Thanksgiving, I am grateful for people like Gena Livings and all who have reminded me to love, honor and respect my body. I would love to hear any tips or insights you have for making healthy lifestyle choices or what you are grateful for this Thanksgiving. Please post your comments.

Brenda Tello-Horton is the co-owner of Hware, an Online Business Training and Software Company.

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