1. Built a Solar Powered Straw Bale Home – see out website about our home at  www.hware.com/sb

  2. Own one car, a hybrid.

  3. Reduced 95% of travel for work by working through virtual means, home offices, “place independent.”

  4. Protecting 28 acres of forest we live on with 1000s of trees from being logged.

  5. Buy locally in our community, i.e., support our local organic farmers, wineries, restaurants, retailers, and small businesses.

  6. 99% of our diet is 100% certified organic.

  7. Before most major purchases are made we Rethink, Reuse, Reduce, Recycle, and Reason why before we buy.

  8. Compost our food scraps.

  9. Don’t buy water in plastic bottles, have a built in water purification system.

  10. All household products are natural; no chemicals, no pesticides, no herbicides.

  11. Support sustainable causes by giving as we go.

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